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Our highly skilled gunsmiths and restorers are ready to renovate, repair and completely restore every type of firearm, be it a smoothbore English shotgun, a Perazzi shotgun, a Beretta or a semiautomatic handgun of any sort, a double-barrel side-by-side or over-under shotgun, a skeet shooting rifle, a hunting rifle, an ordinance weapon issued to law enforcement, a pistol, revolver or even a vintage muzzle-load firearm or other antique piece.

We test and certify firearms, carry out repairs or total restorations, solder with tin and silver, fix barrel ribs, recalibrate the shooting rods to their original setting or to the customer’s specifications, and we replace flat, stepped and ramped ribs. We also fit micrometric fibre-optic sights adjustable for height and drift on semi-automatic weapons (for wild boar hunting or shooting).

We run national firearm compliance tests, re-mill the rifling in barrels upon request, add specialised internal finishes, hone and lap muzzles, barrels and chokes, add choke attachments to semiautomatic firearms, carry out weapons decommissioning and issue the relevant national safety certificates, carry out laser micro-welding of barrels, blocks and small parts, polish and buff stocks and ramrods using oil or special waterproof gloss or matt paint. Finally, we also carry out specialist customized work.

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